This 1,475-Square-Foot Modern Glam Townhouse Fits All the Essential Spaces, Plus a She-Shed!

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Step inside the modern glam townhouse of RoomPlays Founder & CEO, Deboshree Dutta.

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Name: Deboshree Dutta
Location: San Jose, California
Type of Home: A cute 1970s Townhouse in the Bay Area, own
Size: 1,475 square feet
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 3

When we asked Deboshree about her interior style, she answered, “I’m a mix of French Country with Modern Glam,” which surprised us because these are the styles you don’t get to see often, but French Country and Modern Glam are practically made to go together. They are both chic, elegant, and timeless. And every space of Deboshree’s modern glam townhouse looks lush, yet cozy. It’s literally a match made in heaven. We think you will fall in love with Deboshree’s modern glam townhouse, especially her she-shed!

Founder & CEO of RoomPlays, an online interior design platform that creates opportunities for women who have a passion for interior design, Deboshree helps women to establish themselves as independent designers and to launch their own micro-brand. For Deboshree, there’s a lot to fit into each day. Aside from being a Forbes featured technology leader in the Bay Area, she is also busy working as a social media Influencer, where she has 150K followers and counting. Deboshree decorated most of the home from scratch. She shared that women can DIY almost anything!

Join us as we tour Deboshree’s modern glam townhouse and learn more about her meaningful and ambitious RoomPlays project.

Tell us something about your home

My husband and I both grew up in India and have always lived in tiny spaces, at most 700 square feet, with our full families and our pets! We’ve never had the luxury of a backyard, sprawling lawns, or vaulted ceilings. When we were looking to buy our first home, we wanted all of those things, but affording a house like that in Bay Area California is a luxury. Certainly not what we could afford for our first home. So we looked into townhouses and fell in love when we saw the spacious layout, a cute backyard with park benches that opens into a sprawling lawn with rolling hills—all for us!

It was absolutely the perfect home for us! Our 3 rescued—2 dogs and a cat, love the area. I, as a DIYer, feel so inspired to have a blank canvas to play with! All in all, we were over the moon to move in, maximize our outdoor & indoor spaces, and make our house a home.

Describe your interior style

I’m a mix of French Country with Modern Glam. I like to keep things clean, bright with touches of cozy wherever I can. I use a ton of layers and textures to bring depth to my space. I’m not afraid to get moody with an accent wall and some art deco pieces where they add eclectic elevation.

Tip: Pull off the Modern Glam style by going mixing jewel colors with neutrals for a regal touch.

What is your favorite part of your home and why?

While we love the backyard space, the indoor vaulted ceilings, my favorite has to be our Garage turned She-Shed! It’s where I do my most creative work! We are both working adults and both needed space to express our creative energies—my husband with his music and me with my DIY & Fashion blogging.

So I designed the entire garage to be transformed into a lovely boho chic home office, with custom closet space, a crystal chandelier, a tufted ottoman, and the works! I love the daylight coming into the garage when I open the door—and let neighbors swing by to say hello!

My pups have their beds right there, soaking in the sun when they like, and coming in to hang out with me!

What is your least favorite part of your home and why?

My kitchen! It’s tiny, old, and uninspiring. I received quotes upwards of $30,000 to open the space—that was too much. So I took on a project last year to completely rework the space myself. Within $300-$500, I painted the whole cabinets white, replaced the hardware with gold, changed the old tube lights to a nice attractive chandelier, brought in some new bar stools—and the entire space was transformed! It’s not where an open kitchen island would take it, but for $500, I’m happy with it!

Tip: If you are renovating a kitchen for the first time, it’s best to research first. Take photos of your kitchen and create a mood board to check if the design will go well in your space.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I follow bloggers, Pinterest saves, and OMYSA of course!

Dream home design advice/tips you want to share?

YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF! I’ve refrained from taking on projects in my home because I didn’t think I would know how to navigate power tools or choose paint shades. It’s really quite simple, and there’s a ton of blogs that can get you there. It never hurts to contact a virtual interior designer to help you with the concept, but do it! If I can, you can too!

What are your recommended places to shop?

RoomPlays! I love it because you have real women, with real-world experience, trying to create budget-friendly homes to help!

When two lux interior styles combine, magic is bound to happen. Deboshree’s modern glam townhouse definitely exudes effortless elegance. It’s a well-designed place where she and her small family could unwind and feel at home.

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Thanks, Deboshree!

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