Get Your Hands Dirty: Classy Casita on Her Houseplant Haven & Her Tips and Tools for Raising Healthy Plants

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As part of our new series, Get Your Hands Dirty, we sat down with Emily Sanchez aka Classy Casita to chat about her houseplant journey, how it positively affected her life, and her plant care routine (including her highly-recommended moisture meter).

Emily Sanchez aka Classy Casita is no stranger to greenery. In fact, she is one of the “plantfluencers” you should absolutely follow on Instagram if you are looking for a positivity-infused feed and a source of inspiration for your lush indoor jungle. Her houseplant journey started when she moved into her San Diego apartment. Her houseplant collection started growing after she realized that she could keep a plant alive without having a green thumb. As she began to fall in love with plants, she took a bit more time to learn about every new plant she purchased, and she eventually began showing off her lorry load of lush indoor plants on Instagram.

Even though we are in the middle of a pandemic, Sanchez continuously shares advice & tips to new plant owners and with her Instagram followers. Join us on today’s chat with Emily Sanchez, as we learn her plant care routine and discover inside tips on how to keep houseplants alive.

On Choosing a Plant

As a plant parent, I love to collect a new type of plant whenever I go plant shopping. The way I choose, however, is simple. If I ever feel drawn towards a specific plant, and I find the price to be worth it, that will be the one that I decide to take home with me. If it brought me some happiness when finding it at the plant shop, then it will bring happiness into my home.

If it brought me some happiness when finding it at the plant shop, then it will bring happiness into my home.

On Her Plant Care Routine

I like to choose one day during the week to check on all of my plants, to see if they need watering or will need watering soon. This is my way of keeping track of all of them. Plants like to stick to somewhat of a schedule, so I try to keep a good routine to make sure no plants are being under-watered if they prefer moist soil.

On the Positive Effects of Plants in Her Life

For me, personally, it reminds me of vacation in a way. So filling my home with beautiful plants makes my home feel like somewhat of a little staycation. That might sound a bit strange, but they do bring a lot of peace into my life. So I think that’s why I associate them with my love of travel and the outdoors.

On Debunking Common Myths About Owning Houseplants

The fact that people think they are incapable of having a green thumb or keeping a plant alive. Just because you might have killed a few plants here and there doesn’t mean you are incapable of being a plant parent. I, myself, used to have trouble keeping plants alive, but when I began to really fall in love with them, that was when I took a bit more time to learn about every new plant I purchased. You are not just born a plant parent, you can become one! If you are serious about it, you might just need to learn a bit more about your plants’ needs before you call it quits!

On Her Recommended Books, Blogs, and YouTube Channels

I personally love to watch videos about plant care. It is the easiest way for me to educate myself, and I do have a few favorite people I love to watch. Summer Rayne Oaks, Hilton Carter, Epic Gardening, Crazy Plant Guy, and Planterina. I also have a YouTube channel where I share some plant care tips and home inspiration.

On Her Recommended Plant Tools

I always love to recommend using a moisture meter, especially if you are a new plant parent. This is a tool that was a game-changer for me when I was starting off with plants. It helped me by making sure I didn’t overwater my plants because everyone should know, it is easier to save a plant that is underwatered compared to a plant that is overwatered. I also recommend having a good watering can, spray/mister, and gardening shears for whenever you want to trim your plants.

Side Note: I have a shop and sell a moisture meter on Amazon. I will also be releasing new plant care products soon!

On Her Coolest Houseplant

I have a beautiful Syngonium Albo Variegata aka Variegated Arrowhead Vine that I was gifted, and I love it so much. From the leaf shape to the variegated colors, it is just so unique, and everyone stops to point it out because it is that beautiful!

We had an absolute pleasure chatting with Sanchez, sharing her love for plants, and learning awesome plant care tips!

What do you think of our first Get Your Hands Dirty article? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Check out our Plant Care blog to learn more about different houseplants and tips on how to keep your plants alive and healthy.

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