How to Keep Plants Cool in Summer in 3 Easy Ways

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With temperatures soaring higher each day, it’s best to check your plants every day and help them survive the heat. Here are tips on how to keep plants cool in summer, according to pros.

Now that summer is finally here, we’re all trying our best to beat the heat, especially your plants! Some plants love this summer heat, but some plants will need your help to survive. If you notice that your plant’s leaves are turning brown, shriveled, or curling, then it’s a sign that your plants are suffering from the hot temperature. Here are easy ways on how to keep plants cool in summer.

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Bottom Water

Due to the heat, your plant’s soil dries faster, especially if you move them outdoors. You might need to water them twice a day. Quench your plant’s thirst by making sure to soak its soil in water and properly draining excess water to avoid root rot.

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Mist Often

One of the ways to help your plants survive the heat is to mist it often, especially tropical plants that love high humidity. Misting often also creates airflow around your plant.

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Use a Fan

If you love spending your summer in front of the fan, so do your plants! A fan could help the airflow in a hot room. Further, a fan can create a light breeze which your plants will absolutely love!

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These are the easy ways on how to keep plants cool in summer. Do you have other ideas on how you keep your plants thriving in this summer heat?

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