4 DIY Methods on How to Water Your Plants While You Are Away

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It’s so easy! Learn how to water your plants while you are away with these DIY methods, according to plant experts.

Now that summer’s here, we’re all excited to head out and go on a much well-deserved vacation. However, don’t forget about your plants. You’ve worked hard to grow them and to keep them beautiful and healthy. You don’t want your plant babies to suffer and die while you’re having fun out in the sun. Plant experts advised these DIY methods on how to water your plants while you are away. They also work well for busy and forgetful plant parents!

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DIY Drip System

Don’t throw away your empty bottle of sauvignon blanc. It’s going to help water your plant babies while you’re on vacation. Yes, you’ve probably seen those upside-down bottles in plant pots. Good news because you can easily make your own. We think this might be one of the easiest methods on how to water your plants while you are away.

The first step is to puncture holes in the cap with a nail and hammer. Create mini holes where water can pass through. Fill the bottle with water and close it with the cap. Dig a hole in the soil of the plant, turn the bottle upside down, make sure that the cap is in the soil, and you’re good to go. This method will water your plants for at least 5 days. Pretty easy, right?

Give Your Plants a Bath

The second method on how to water your plants while you are away is to give them a bath. It works best for tropical plants since they need a lot of water to thrive. Simply fill up your bathtub or sink with a couple of inches of water, then place your plant babies in the tub or sink. Make sure to check if your pots have proper drainage so the water can soak through the roots. This method will water your plants for up to one week.

Old-School Water Wicking

It may be old-school, but one of the effective methods on how to water your plants while you are away is to set up a water-wicking drip system using a simple cotton string. It’s also great if you have more than one plant as you can water multiple plants that need water 3 times per week. You will need cotton rope and a bucket or vase. The bigger the bucket or vase, the more water you supply, the better.

Cut a cotton rope for each plant that needs watering. Make sure that the end of the rope is inside the vase of water and the other end is several inches under the soil. Cover each rope with soil to make sure it stays. Then, fill up the bucket or vase with water. Lastly, water the plants to start the process.

Plastic Bag Greenhouse

One of the methods on how to water your plants while you are away is to create a greenhouse using a plastic bag. It may seem unconventional, but trust us, it works well and it could take care of your plants for 6-8 months.

Get a clear plastic bag. Make sure that it’s big enough to cover your plant and the pot. Add four wood stakes in each corner of the pot. This will serve as the base of the plastic bag greenhouse. Water your plants, but avoid overwatering. Leave your plant in indirect sunlight. Place your plant inside the plastic bag. Check if the wood stakes are placed well enough that the leaves are not touching the plastic bag. This plastic bag greenhouse will capture water as it evaporates and will fall back into the plant.

There are several easy methods on how to water your plants while you are away. Once you’ve decided what method to use, you can finally relax and enjoy your summer vacation! Check out our Plant Care blog to learn more about different houseplants and tips on how to keep your plants alive and healthy.

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