3 Proven Reasons That Indoor Plants Can Help You Be More Productive

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It’s no myth! Indoor plants can help you be more productive, according to these plantfluencers.

We all feel calm, less stressed out, and dare we say it, more productive when surrounded by indoor plants. Yes, it’s true! Even a small desk plant can help you concentrate and think better. According to the American Psychological Association, indoor plants can help you be more productive and can help you get more work done around 10 to 15 percent more! Isn’t that great news? What are the three main reasons how indoor plants can help you be more productive?

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Color Green Is Very Soothing

Yes, it sounds quite obvious and simple, but science says that the color green is one of the most soothing shades. Incorporating indoor plants can improve the mood and increase productivity because they are nature itself. Indoor plants can also help you be more creative since it allows creativity to flow. Plus, indoor plants can help you concentrate better and help you feel more relaxed. Add a little life into your workspace and get more inspired by making your space a little greener with home office plants.

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Indoor Plant Can Reduce Stress

Did you know that indoor plants can also help your mental health? Rebecca Bullene, the founder of Greenery NYC, says, “Incorporating them into our daily lives at home and work has been shown to reduce stress and increase productivity.” Take a pause with your indoor plants by just looking at them. Back at the office? Bring a piece of green with you as a reminder to take it easy.

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Indoor Plants Can Change the Feel of the Room

We know that indoor plants can help you be more productive, but they can also change the mood of a room because they can evoke positive emotions and interrupt the stress process. Plus, indoor plants can also help improve your indoor environmental quality. So add greenery to your home, even in just a small corner of your bedroom or on your nightstand. They are an effective and cheap dรฉcor idea to beat the blues and brighten up your home.

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There you have it! The three main reasons how indoor plants can help you be more productive. Check out our Plant Care blog to learn more about different houseplants and tips on how to keep your plants alive and healthy.

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