Beautifully Crafted Ceramic Mid-Century Planter and Stand: A Cut Above the Rest

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We invite you to bring nature’s graceful beauty into your home with Omysa’s timeless Mid-Century Planter and Stand.

Ceramic is one of the most common planter materials, but what makes Omysa’s ceramic Mid-Century Planter and Stand special and such a high-value planter? Aside from it is made of the finest high-fired stoneware, it is also aesthetically crafted to be practical for plant owners. At Omysa, we believe that beautifully designed, durable, and sustainable ceramic planters can make your space feel and look classy while growing and nurturing plants. Designing Omysa’s Mid-Century Plant Stand and Pot, our goal is to give your beloved plants the perfect home. We’d love to tell you why starting from the amusing history of ceramics.

A Little History

According to The American Ceramic Society, ceramics is one of the most ancient industries going back thousands of years. The oldest known ceramic artifact is dated as early as 28,000 BCE, during the late Paleolithic period. The first examples of pottery appeared in Eastern Asia several thousand years later. It is believed that from China the use of pottery successively spread to Japan and the Russian Far East region where archeologists have found shards of ceramic artifacts dating to 14,000 BCE.

As history progressed, the ceramic industry has gone through a profound transformation. Innovations in ceramic processing and characterization techniques have enabled the creation of materials with tailored properties that meet the requirements of specific and customized applications.

Ceramic Planter Is the Top Choice of Gardeners and Plant Experts

The debate regarding the best planter is long-standing since each planter has its own advantages and disadvantages, but most gardeners and plant experts agree that ceramic is a good all-around choice. Ceramic, also known as stoneware, is generally made from finely textured, light-colored clay, and water. They are shaped into desired forms and then glazed in a high-temperature oven known as a kiln. This process reduces the planter’s porousness and vulnerability to the elements. Glazed ceramic planters do not dry out as quickly.

On the other hand, a porous or unglazed ceramic planter allows air and water movement through the sides of the pot, which stimulates root growth and healthier plants. Ceramic planters are the best choice if you tend to overwater or if your plants prefer dry soil. They are excellent for tropical plants, which typically like moist soil to thrive. Further, ceramic planters are heavy and have thick walls, which makes them less likely to tip over. Plus, the thick walls act as insulation for the roots to protect them against temperature changes.

Ceramic planters are stylish. If you want to upgrade your indoor greenery, you can choose from different designs, playful colors, and sizes to make your plants feel a little more at home.


The Crafting Process

Omysa Mid-Century Planter and Stand are made of premium stoneware, fired in super-high heat to ensure that the ceramic planter is exceptionally strong. It is designed to be durable, hard, and waterproof. Omysa Mid-Century Planter is resistant to chipping and cracking, as well. All Mid-Century Plant Stand and Pot are handcrafted, so each piece is absolutely unique. Lastly, it has a smooth matte glaze that looks stunning both from afar, up close, and at every angle in your home.


The Details

The devil is in the details, and Omysa’s Mid-Century Planter and Stand lines and shapes made it exceptionally stunning and unique. Our goal is to add a personal touch to your home. While the shape is simple, the Mid-Century Plant Stand and Pot functions really well and features a drainage hole to ensure healthy plant growth. The hardwood stand is made from real American Walnut with no added stains or paints. It can support heavy and large plants.

American Walnut – The Best Wood for Décor and Furniture

American Walnut is a medium to large hardwood that is a very popular choice for furniture making because it is moderately dense. It also durable and has good shock resistance, which makes it an ideal material for our Mid-Century Planter and Stand. It is also more resistant to denting and wear from normal daily use. American Walnut is all-natural, which means it doesn’t require any artificial staining to highlight its beauty.

Here at Omysa, we keep it as natural and original as possible to highlight the beauty of the American Walnut wood. You won’t find an American Walnut wood with attractive swirls, straight fine grains, and wave patterns anywhere else. Each and every piece is truly unique. With proper care, your Mid-Century Plant Stand and Pot will age gracefully and prove to be a timeless piece.


What’s So Special With Omysa’s Mid-Century Planter and Stand?

Inspired by the Mid-Century style: functionality and simplicity, Omysa’s Mid-Century Planter and Stand is a combination of a sleek and timeless look. Each set of Omysa’s Mid-Century Planter and Stand comes with its own handcrafted ceramic pot with a smooth matte finish and stand made with American Black Walnut, finished with organic oil to preserve the wood’s natural grain to make it last forever. It is easy to assemble, as well! You can instantly have your Mid-Century Plant Stand and Pot assembled in less than a minute. Each Mid-Century Planter has a drainage hole, with a rubber plug, to keep your plants healthy and thriving.

Omysa’s Mid-Century Plant Stand and Pot is available in two sizes: 10-inch planter and stand and 12-inch planter and stand. It is also available in six colors, starting from the best-selling Black, Blush, Cream, Peach, Sage, and White. Mid-Century Planter price starts from $119.99. Worth every penny!



Here at Omysa, we ensure green-ifying your home with an earth-minded and health-minded ceramic planter brand. It is designed to be eco-friendly and to last for years! Thoughtfully crafted, Omysa’s Mid-Century Planter and Stand are anything but ordinary. Classy, yet also practical. It will add a touch of earthy texture to your home.


One huge advantage of Omysa’s Mid-Century Plant Stand and Pot is its beautiful appearance that can be paired with any plants, such as Money Tree, Rubber Plant, Snake Plant, and ZZ Plant. Further, the bold colors and timeless style blend perfectly well with any interior style and in any room in your home.

Get inspired with Omysa’s decorators and how they styled the Mid-Century Planter.

No ceramic blends and no plastic. Omysa’s Mid-Century Planter and Stand is an undeniably timeless design décor that’s designed for every home. With over 600 reviews, it’s considered one of the top ceramic planters on Amazon and by our customers. Truly a cut above the rest, worthy of your home’s décor. Discover Omysa’s beautifully crafted Mid-Century Planter and Stand on Amazon and Shopify!

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