Modern and Versatile: The Round Planter That Is Perfect for Any Space

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With its delicate curves and smooth design, Omysa’s eye-catching and versatile Round Planter will remain in style for years to come.

Nature provides an astonishing diversity of things to laud and love. If you have a garden, you know how beautiful and eye-catching nature can be. From alluring florals to graceful garden plants, there are so many things to marvel at. However, not all plants can grow naturally alone. Some plants need help and support using the right planter.

With its aesthetically pleasing round shape, Omysa’s Round Planter gives an edge to any space, whether indoors or outdoors, and it’s an excellent way to make a statement with your garden plants or indoor plants. Omysa’s Large Indoor Planter is a modern representation of a refined and timeless design. Made with fiberstone composite and thoughtful construction, our Round Egg Shape Pot can be easily moved and will last for years. Even so, what makes Omysa’s Round Planter a distinguished planter from the rest? How does it create an organic, Zen-like feel in your home?

The Versatility of Fiberstone

Although fiberstone might not ring a bell, chances are you have at least one décor piece made of fiberstone. Fiberstone is such a versatile material because it can produce a variety of colors, shapes, and styles. Of course, fiberstone is durable and visually stunning. It can boost the aesthetics of your garden and home, which makes it the perfect material for Omysa’s Round Planter. Fiberstone planters last longer compared to natural stone planters because they can withstand extreme temperature changes and weather.

In addition, fiberstone is an eco-friendly option since its components all come from recycled materials. It’s also surprisingly lightweight than natural stone planters. Unlike regular planters, fiberstone will not contract and swell with the changing seasons. Omysa’s Round Egg Shape Pot won’t corrode or lose its color in the rain or under the blazing sun. Fiberstone planters are completely maintenance-free.


The Crafting Process & Details

Omysa’s Round Planter is made of fiberstone, a mixture of crushed stone and fiberglass. These materials are perfect for planters because it makes the Round Planter durable and great for both indoor and outdoor use, at any temperature. Our Large Indoor Planter is resistant to chipping and cracking, as well. It imitates the look of natural stone, but our Round Egg Shape Pot is lightweight and versatile than natural stone. It’s easy to move around and less fragile than natural stone planters. Lastly, it has a smooth matte finish that leaves a good lasting impression.

What’s So Special With Omysa’s Round Planter

When choosing a planter, the most important factor is the style of your home. What kind of look are you going for? Where will the planter be placed? We designed Omysa’s Round Planter to evolve with your space: timeless and versatile. Each Round Planter is carefully handcrafted from a custom fiberstone material, finished with a smooth matte glaze.

It may look heavy, but our Round Egg Shape Pot is lightweight! It’s absolutely lightweight and easy to move around, whether indoors or outdoors. With its graceful curves and timeless design, Omysa’s Round Planter invokes calmness and style in any space of your home. Each Large Indoor Planter features a drainage hole, environmentally friendly, and food-safe to ensure healthy plant growth and efficient gardening. Omysa’s Round Planter is available in two sizes: 12-inch round planter and 15-inch round planter. Further, its six vibrant colors: Black, Blush, Grey & White, Peach, White, and White & Blush will effortlessly blend well with your home’s style.

Round Planter’s price starts from $84.99. Save 10% when you buy 2 or more by using our code ‘PLANTIFUL.’


Here at Omysa, we always make sure the products we create and design are sustainable. That’s why Omysa’s Round Planter is made with responsible materials and is produced ethically. It can be recycled, repurposed, and reused. It has an efficient life cycle, as well. Omysa’s Round Planter will surely add a touch of earthy texture to your home.

Get Inspired to Decorate With Omysa’s Round Planter

Popular for its refined and timeless design and versatility, Omysa’s Round Planter is ideal for any space, even the smallest spaces, whether indoors or outdoors. It can be paired with any garden plants or indoor trees. Further, its multitude of colors and sizes will give you the freedom to mix and match. Get inspired with our featured interior decorators and how they creatively styled Omysa’s Round Egg Shape Pot.


Omysa’s Round Planter is the perfect finishing touch to your home. Designed to evolve with your space, it suits any décor, from modern to traditional. Its sturdy build ensures that it has been tested for changes in humidity, temperature, and harsh weather, from freezing to tropical heat. Are you ready to turn your space into a lively and pleasing oasis? Discover Omysa’s thoughtfully designed Round Planter on Amazon and Shopify!

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